Ladakhi cattle | Leh | Ladakh |India|

Ladakhi cattle are native to Ladakh region of Jammu & Kashmir. These are small-sized and short-statured black or brown colored animals well adapted to extreme cold climatic and hypoxic conditions.

Ladakhi cattle Body is compact with short legs that make this cattle more adapted to mountainous terrains. These cattle are reared under the extensive system for milk, draft and manure purposes.

Ladakhi cattle Horns are curved slightly upward and forward ending with pointed tips over the forehead. The forehead is straight, small and hairy with the slightly long face.

The udder is small in size and bowl-shaped. Milk yield is around 2 to 5kg/day. Milk has the high-fat percentage of around 5% and used mainly for producing butter and churpi, the important part of the diet of local people.

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