Lakhimi Cattle | Assam | India

The Lakhimi Cattle is found in all parts of Assam, India. This dual-purpose ‘native’ breed is reared for milking and draught purposes. Bullocks of this breed are excellent draft animals and are used for carting and plowing during paddy cultivation. The total population of the Lakhimi cattle is about 79 to 80 lakhs. This breed is known for its heat tolerance, disease resistance, adaptability to harsh agro-climatic conditions, and also for its ability to survive and perform under scarce feed and fodder.

Breed group: Dual, Milk and draught

Country: India

Home or breeding tract: Distributed in entire state of Assam

Morphological characteristics

Body: Small sized

Body colour: Coat colour is variable mainly brown and grey.

Shoulder hump: Medium in size

Limbs: Relatively short

Loin (Back): The backline is slightly curved

Udder: Small and bowel shaped

A study was undertaken in the format of National Bureau of Animal Genetics Resources (NBAGR) for evaluation of the breed under field conditions, and for strategizing the breed improvement programmes in various areas of Assam.

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