Konkan Kapila Cattle |Goa | Maharastra | India

Distributed in Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa. Raising and maintenance of Kapila cows are less labour-intensive and highly economical. 

The Konkan Kapila Cattle are of various coat colors, predominant being reddish brown/black, however white/grey, mixed and in few animals brown or fawn coat color is also available. The animals are small to medium in size with a compact body, straight face, small to medium sized hump, and dewlap. Generally straight and small-sized horn emerges from the side of the poll behind and above eyes in outward and going upwards and backward ending with pointed tips.

Because of its small stature, Konkan Kapila bulls and cows can easily eat small sized grass, plants etc.

Konkan Kapila cattle are low milk producers (around 2.25 kg/day) and possess good draft ability suited to hilly terrain and hot and humid climate of its native tract.

Even though milk production is less, Accordingly, there is high demand for Konkan Kapila cows in the market during recent times. demand forKonkan Kapila is the realization of the richness of the quality of the milk of this cow breed over the others.

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